Conference Presentations

Algebra by 8th Grade
James Rohan, Mount Madonna School

This workshop focused on the use of technology, the graphics calculator (TI-83-plus family), to investigate a foundational premise in probability theory which states that: assuming unbiased conditions, the experimental probability of an experiment approaches the theoretical probability as the number of trials approaches infinity. This lesson/investigation is one of several that integrate data, statistics, and probability into the algebra curriculum. Although not needed by attendees, a TI-83 plus, TI-84, TI-84 plus, or TI-84 platinum was strongly recommended.

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BRAIN Research Compatible Memory Strategies
Judy Willis, Santa Barbara Middle School

In this workshop we reviewed key discoveries of neuroimaging during the learning process, including the role of the amygdala as the affective filter and the growth of cerebral cortex neural connections following successful learning. This was followed by a discussion of practical teaching strategies compatible with this research that will promote students' long-term memory.

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Child, or Trophy?: An Exploration of College, Grades, and Excellence
Juliet Funt, Speaker & Coach

At what price do we strive for the status of exceptional? When our children finish college and look back on what led up to it, will they feel they made a good investment of their time, energy, and hard won battles for consummate excellence? We hope so, but hope is not enough. Preparing our children for a whole life, including what follows college, requires that we weigh the motives, prices, and payoffs of all the moves we make.

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Flirting with Slopes
Noureddine El Alam, Sage Hill School

If you thought that the concept of "Multiplier" only applies to linear functions, think twice! The power of pattern recognition in mathematics was tested in this interactive presentation.

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What Do Our Students Need to Know for College?
Karen Phillips, Brentwood School
Esther Grassian, UCLA College Library
Lynn Lampert, CSU, Northridge

Are we adequately preparing our students for university–level research? Do K-12 information literacy skills match those needed by students in college? Esther Grassian, the Information Literacy Outreach Coordinator at UCLA College Library, and other librarians and teachers discussed our role as advocates for lifelong learning.

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