Conference Presentations

Ten Emerging Insights on Learning and the Road Ahead
Saturday Keynote Presentation by Dr. Mark David Milliron, President and CEO, Catalyze Learning International

The New Normal: A Game-Changing Model for Financially Sustainable Schools.
Sunday Keynote by Patrick F. Bassett, President, National Association of Independent Schools

Strategic Planning: A Tale of Two Schools
Paul Chapman, Head of School, and Lori Fogarty, Strategic Planning Chair, Head-Royce School
Damon Kerby, Headmaster, Wendy Broderick, Strategic Planning Chair, Saint Mark's School - San Rafael

Build a Better Brand: Defining, Differentiating, and Distinguishing Your School
Jennifer Rowland, Communication Director, and Cynthia Berkshire, Trustee, Wildwood School

The Use of Tax Exempt Financing for Refinancing or Capital Projects
Steven Stogel and Deborah Richman, Head of School, Turning Point School

Insights from New Leaders
Jim Munger, Associate, and Jane Foote, President, Independent Thinking

Managing Financial and Operational Risk in Independent Schools
Ronald Wanglin, Chairman of the Board, and Cheryl McDowell, Vice President, Education Practice Group, Bolton & Company
Denise K. Gutches, Owner/Consultant, Denise K. Gutches Consulting

Leading Your School's Future: A Partnership between Boards, Heads, and the Director of Admission
Susan Nelson, Head of Schools, and Leo Marshall, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, The Webb Schools

Marketing and Admissions Best Practices in a Challenging Economy
Marcy Rustad, Principal, and Rhonda Hughes, Principal, OMP Research Associates
Jan Bruzzese, Admission Director, Keys School

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Charter Schools and the Shifting Educational Landscape
Ron Reynolds, Executive Director, California Association of Private School Organizations
Jim McManus, Executive Director, California Association of Independent Schools

Smart By Nature: Growing Sustainable Schools
Carolie Sly, Director of Education, Center for Ecoliteracy
Paul Chapman, Head of School, Head-Royce School
Crystal Land, Assistant Head/Academic Dean, Head-Royce School
Travis Brownley, Head of School, Marin Academy
Mark Stefanski, H.D. Thoreau Faculty Chair, Marin Academy