Conference Presentations

Key Terms
KEY TERMS we discussed at the workshop: things that all kids need to be successful in the classroom: warning: very informal and simplistic definitions!

Core Strength Routine
CORE STRENGTH ROUTINE: This is a simple core strength routine which also improves muscle tone, posture, and bilateral integration. The core strength routine could also be considered part of a "sensory diet" (see proprioception, sensory integration).
The core routine can be practiced on grass or carpeted floor space. It helps to put spots down to space the kids out during PE. I usually do this first, before running. Our classroom teachers use this when working in smaller groups as a quick brain break, morning warmup activity, and as a work station. Each exercise can be practiced once for 10-30 seconds or multiple times from 5-10 seconds per repetition. Since the kids know it from PE, it's easy for the classroom teachers to integrate into their schedule.