Conference Presentations

Planning Strategically Today for a Profoundly Different Tomorrow
Gene Batiste, Vice President, Equity & Justice Initiatives
National Association of Independent Schools

Changing demographics, increasing economic pressures, workforce expectations, brain research -- all will have a dramatic impact on our schools in the coming decade. What do forecasters think are the major challenges and opportunities coming our way, and what should we be doing now to prepare? Read the results of a NAIS conducted survey of opinion leaders in business, industry, and education, and find out how these trends will impact the way we govern independent schools.

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Legal Matters Affecting Independent Schools
Donna Williamson, Partner, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore
Michael Blacher, Associate, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

This workshop addressed current and upcoming trends in the legal arena that impact on independent schools.

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What Every Trustee Should Know About Head Transitions
Gretchen Milligan, Board President, Marlborough School

It will be the duty of your board to find a new head whether you face an anticipated retirement of a long-term leader or a surprise resignation. Find out the basics so you can maximize your chances of success whenever your need arises. Topics included understanding the school search calendar, deciding whether to use a search consultant, what the search committee will do, how to involve the school community, and the need to plan a transition process that extends far beyond the hire date.

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Best Practices in Board Fundraising
Sandy Drew, Senior Consultant, Co-Chair of the Schools' Practice
Marts & Lundy, Inc.

When you joined the board, did you say "I'll do anything but fundraising?" When the board's discussion turns to fundraising, do you tune out and let others lead the charge? As a trustee, do you look to board members who are "good" at development while you remain on the sidelines?

The most successful programs treat development as a team sport. This session described ways that every trustee can play to his or her strengths to become a valued member of the development effort.

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