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The Episcopal School of Los Angeles
CAIS Membership status: Full

Street Address:
6361 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Mailing Address:
6325 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Web site:

Descriptive Category:
Coeducational Episcopal Day School
Grade Levels:
Day Only
West Hollywood/Hollywood
School Description:
The Episcopal School of Los Angeles is a school for innovators and pioneers. It is for students and families who embrace the opportunity to shape a culture and create a community that will lead the way forward. At ESLA, we are looking for students who are bright, motivated, creative, and curious. We are looking for families who want to leave a positive mark on this city and this city school. We built ESLA to engage a young person in a life of public service. We are a community defined by a common conversation of local and global politics, the environment, the arts, innovation, and the economy. We are a school that will ask our graduates to take their skills, their privileges, and their lives, and to offer those gifts to their community and to the world. For all we offer our students, we expect even more of them. Finally, ESLA is made possible by the expansive generosity of many. That spirit of generosity shapes our intellectual, spiritual, and community life. This is what defines our school: our commitment to raising young people with the heart, mind, and soul necessary to lead the world in the 21st Century.