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Empowering Schools to Deliver Exceptional Educational Experiences
California Association of Independent Schools

Empowering Schools to Deliver Exceptional Educational Experiences

Over 80 Years of Experience

Since 1941, the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) has helped hundreds of schools educate their students with excellence and care. Our rigorous accreditation process ensures schools meet and maintain high ethical and academic standards. Elevated leadership results in a better experience for students — and a better world for all.

Why Choose a CAIS School?

CAIS schools are financially and structurally independent of government, shareholders, religious groups or other organizations. They are free to focus on the needs of students.

Trusted Experience
Trusted Experience
With over 80 years in education, CAIS understands the needs of independent schools. CAIS earned the trust of countless leaders, educators, and families alike.
A Commitment to Excellence
A Commitment to Excellence
High accreditation standards, a shared code of ethics, ongoing training, and targeted support empower our member schools to thrive.
Proven Results
Proven Results
CAIS schools are trusted and effective: 90% of CAIS students stay with their school through graduation, and over 90% of CAIS seniors go on to attend 4-year colleges.
Preparation for Leadership
Preparation for Leadership
CAIS students encounter a wide range of people and perspectives, which better prepares them to make a difference in an increasingly global and multifaceted world.

Find the Best Fit for Your Family

Over233 Schools
nearly 93KStudents
Over 230 Schools; 92,000 Students
Diverse Schools
With a wide range of missions, sizes, locations, programs, and school cultures, there's a CAIS school that's right for your family.. Find schools that are secular, religious, academic, special needs, traditional, progressive, and more.

CAIS schools serve over 80% of the students in California's secular (non-religious) nonprofit K-12 schools. We also serve dozens of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish schools.

51%Students of Color
47% Students of Color; $418M Financial Aid Per Year
Diverse Communities
All CAIS schools provide financial aid and are committed to building diverse, inclusive communities where every student truly belongs.

Get the Targeted Training and Support You Need

CAIS partners with school leaders to provide the best possible education.

Membership Offers:
Cycle of accreditation and improvement
An ongoing cycle of accreditation and improvement that keeps schools accountable to, and recognized for, their standards of excellence.
Professional development
Professional development for school heads and trustees so they can provide the highest level of leadership.
Resources, networking opportunities, and individual attention so schools can navigate their biggest challenges with more clarity and ease.