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CSEE-CAIS eSeminar: How to Listen When the Talk Is About Race (Part 2 of 2)
February 23, 2022 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Location:Zoom Meeting
Online–Anywhere, CA
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Standard Registration Rate:$125
Standard Registration Deadline:Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Target Audience: This event is designed for senior administrators. It will focus on communication with other adults, including parents and fellow faculty.

Cost: $125 per person*

*CAIS Members: Please use the CAIS promotional code at check out to receive the member rate. Contact Jenny Aanerud, CSEE Associate Director, at [email protected] about event registration.

Listening is difficult.
As an administrator, listening to people speak about something as personal, difficult, emotional, and important as racism can be really difficult. A Black colleague says, “All my White colleagues are coming to me for resources, asking me what to read so they can appear woke. I’m done doing the work for them.” A White parent says, “We are not paying $50K to have our kids learn that they should be ashamed to be White.” A parent of color says, “You now have a so-called anti-racism ‘action-plan’ on your website, but I don’t see any real changes in the curriculum.” A white colleague says, “I can’t teach like this. I’m so afraid I’m going to make the tiniest mistake and get called out on Instagram as a racist.”

• How well can you listen in these conversations versus fixing or explaining?
• How much noise are your feelings making, and how is that interfering with truly hearing the other person?
• How can you ground yourself so that you can be fully present to the person that needs you to listen deeply?

Please join facilitators Paula Chu, Roland Davis, and Sam Osherson from the Stanley H. King Institute for this interactive workshop for administrators. We will

• explore the challenges of listening across our differences
• practice deep listening within contexts that are often charged with feeling
• grow in our abilities to be anti-racists.

Sessions will be Wednesdays, February 16th and February 23rd from Noon - 2:00pm Pacific. For this to be an effective experience for all participants, attendance at both sessions is strongly encouraged.

All CAIS events are subject to change.

Questions? Contact Jenny Aanerud, CSEE Associate Director at [email protected] or Cathy Shelburne, Director of Professional Learning at [email protected]