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CAIS Events

2016 Trustee/School Head Conference
January 23 - 24, 2016

Keynote Presentation by Martin Shell
January 23, 2016 9:00 am - 10:30 am

  • The Joy of Fundraising: What your mother never told you!
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Martin W. Shell, Vice President for Development, Stanford University

Session One
January 23, 2016 10:45 am - 12:00 pm

  • Martin Shell Keynote Follow-Up Session
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Martin Shell, Vice President for Development, Stanford University

  • Proposed CAIS Strategic Plan Feedback Session for Heads
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Jim McManus, Executive Director, California Association of Independent Schools

  • Fresh and Innovative Approaches to Head Evaluation
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Scott Erickson, Head of School, Phillips Brooks School, Sam Cuddeback, Head of School, Drew School, and Julie Elam, Head of School, Marin Primary & Middle School

  • Generating Additional Revenue Streams Through a Signature Program
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Peter McCormack, Head of School, Heidi Morris, Director of Middle School, and Bill Johnson, Board Treasurer, Rolling Hills Preparatory School

  • Leveraging the Past: Recognizing Historical Narratives as Critical Inflection Points for Tomorrow's Wise Decisions
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Debbie Freed, Organization and Leadership Consultant, Debbie Freed & Associates, Lucinda Lee Katz, Head of School, Marin Country Day School, and Mark McKee, Head of School, Viewpoint School

  • Prioritizing Improvements and Developing School Strengths through Research
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Jonathan Honiball, Director of Research, and Lauren Kolodziej, Research Analyst, Pacific Consulting Group

  • From Head Retirement Announcement to New Head Welcome Committee: Getting it Right!!
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Bob Fricker, Search Consultant, Carney Sandoe & Assoc., Kathleen McNamara, Head of School, Sameer Hilal, Board Chair, Mackenzie Lesher, Trustee and Search Committee Co-Chair, Matthew Janopaul, Search Committee Co-Chair, and Bill Miller, Former Head of School, The Seven Hills School

  • Using the New CAIS Accreditation Process to Launch Strategic Planning at Your School
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Joe Harvey, Head of School, Kristin Keeffe, Trustee, Wendy Broderick, Director of Admissions, Co-Chair of Accreditation Committee, and Dave Hickman, Upper School Head and Co-Chair of Accreditation Committee, Mark Day School

  • Important Considerations When Leasing Your School Building or Facilities
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Heather DeBlanc, Partner, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

  • In Search of ... Your Next Head of School
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Cathy Hunter, Head of School, San Francisco Friends School, Shannon Cogen, Board Chair, San Francisco Friends School, Christine Nooney, Search Chair, Cathedral School for Boys, Kathleen Patterson, Trustee, The Bay School, and Cathy Schember, Search Chair and Board Chair, San Francisco University High School and The Hamlin School

  • Trusteeship 101
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Al Adams, Organizational Advisor, AlAdams.org

Session Two
January 23, 2016 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

  • Featured Speaker Presentation: The Independent School Donor's Perspective: Understanding What Works and Why
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Rick Happy, Principal and Managing Director, CCS

  • Crisis 101 -- Hope is Not a Strategy
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Jim and Jane Hulbert, Founders, The Jane Group, and Lauren Lamm, Trustee, The Branson School

  • How a Strong Brand Can Ignite Your Admissions Campaign
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Travis Brownley, Head of School, Marin Academy, and Jennie Winton, Partner, Co-Founder, Mission Minded

  • The Board's Proper Role in Enrollment Management: Leveraging Corporate Experience
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Mark McKee, Head of School, Laurel Baker Tew, Chief Enrollment Officer, and Charles Schetter, Trustee Chair of Strategic Planning, Viewpoint School

  • Trustees and Heads Working for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Alison Park, Consultant, Blink Consulting, Alex Wong, Trustee, Town School for Boys, and Barre Fong, Trustee, Lick-Wilmerding High School

  • Keys to Successful Head Transition
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Irvenia Waters, Executive Coach and Consultant, Strategic Perspectives Consulting and Waters Leadership Coaching, Lucinda Katz, Head of School, Marin Country Day School, Steve Morris, Head of School, The San Francisco School, and Eric Temple, Head of School Lick-Wilmerding High School

  • Green Dreams: How to Achieve Carbon Neutrality, and Save Money in the Process
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Paul Chapman, Inverness Associates, Katherine Dinh, Head of School, and Steve Harrington, Facilities Director, Prospect Sierra School, and Raphael Rosen, President, The Carbon Lighthouse

  • Head of School Employment Contracts: Understand What Things Mean
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Terrence Briggs, Lawyer, Bowditch & Dewey, LLP

  • Reflections from the Field -- How School Heads & Trustees can Position their Campaigns for Success
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Josh Stern, Head of School, Debra Farb, Former Trustee, and Karan Merry, Former Head of School, St. Paul's Episcopal School, and Patricia Stirling, Founding Partner, Cardaronella Stirling Associates

  • Annual Legal Update
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Michael C. Blacher, Partner, and Donna Williamson, Partner, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

  • The Evolution of the Traditional Library into Learning Commons
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Dwight Long, Principal, and Kami Kinkaid, Senior Project Manager, Pfau Long Architecture, Lisa Rosenstein, Head of School, The Willows Community School, and Elizabeth DuPuis, Associate University Librarian for Educational Initiatives & User Services Director of Doe, Moffitt, and the Subject Specialty Libraries UC Berkeley

Session Three
January 23, 2016 3:15 pm - 4:30 pm

  • Planning the CAIS Head/Board Chair Workshop: Input from Board Chairs
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Jim McManus, Executive Director, California Association of Independent Schools

  • Using Data in Board Leadership: Resources from CAIS and DASL
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Hilary LaMonte, Senior Vice President of DASL (Data and Analysis for School Leadership), National Association of Independent Schools

  • Small Schools & Big Dreams: Building a Culture of Philanthropy to Enable Big Campaign Success
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Duncan Lyon, Head of School, Mark Moore, President, Board of Trustees, and Devon Gold, Trustee (Past President and Capital Campaign Co-Chair), The Carey School,

  • It Takes More than A Good Legal Team to Prevail When Litigation is Used as a Weapon
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Elizabeth English, Head of School, and Barbara Bruser, Chair, Board of Trustees, Archer School for Girls, Lorri Palko, Executive and Prosperity Coach, Love, Money, Purpose, and Brian Walter, Partner Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

  • Good Governance: Fiduciary Duties for Trustees
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Donna Williamson, Partner, and Grace Chan, Associate, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

  • Brand Clarity is Key to Your Leadership and to Your School's Success
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Scott Erickson, Head of School, Phillips Brooks School, and Ben Edwards, Principal, Art & Science Group

  • Triple Threat: Crisis Management, Reputational Risk and Business Continuity
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Ronald Wanglin, Chairman, and Jamie Gershon, Senior Vice President, Bolton & Company, and Denise Gutches, President, DKG Consulting

  • Accreditation as Catalyst: What a Powerful Self-Study Process Can Do for Your School
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Julia Eells, Head of School, and Kate Garrett, Academic Dean, San Francisco University High School

  • Mission Possible: Review, Revise, and Communicate a Refreshed Mission Statement
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Alona Scott, Head of School, Keys School, Zachary Roberts, Head of School, Gateway School, and Al Adams, Organizational Advisor, AlAdams.org

  • Inclusive Fundraising Practices
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Virginia Paik, Head of School, Live Oak School, Luke Schemmel, Trustee, Live Oak School, Tesha McCord Poe, Director of Advancement, Castilleja School, and Trustee, Live Oak School, and Kendra Mastain, Director of Development, Live Oak School

  • Supporting Heads -- Sustaining A Flourishing Leadership Partnership
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Tekakwitha Pernambuco-Wise, Head of School, and Amy Ramsey, Board Chair, Sea Crest School

Keynote Presentation by Jane Buckingham
January 24, 2016 9:30 am - 11:15 am

  • Managing and Marketing to Generations X, Y and V: How Understanding the Next Generations Will Help You Better Reach Them
    Workshop #
    Presenter: Jane Buckingham, Founder and CEO, Trendera
    The future of work, education, and parenting is changing dramatically. By understanding the next generations and emerging trends, you will be better prepared to reach your intended audience and achieve desired results. This presentation will offer insights, data, and action steps for working with Generations X, Y, and V, with implications for enrollment, fundraising, and recruiting and retaining talent.

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