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November 19, 2018
PreK-12 Social-Emotional Learning Coordinator - 2019-20
Nueva’s Social-Emotional Learning Program:

As part of Nueva's commitment to nurturing the whole child, our nationally recognized Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) program plays an integral role in the curriculum and community at every grade level. Students and adults work collaboratively to create a vibrant, safe learning environment in which all members of the community are empowered. The SEL program seeks to develop compassion and resilience in students by supporting them to see and respect multiple perspectives, assess and take appropriate risks, and develop tools to meet and overcome challenge. In the Upper School (grades 9–12), we call this work Science of Mind (SoM); in the upper grades, students deepen their inter- and intrapersonal awareness and self-regulation, but with a more developmentally appropriate approach that includes an examination of the research underlying these practices.

SEL and SoM are stand-alone classes but they are also woven into the academic curriculum. SEL is an ethos, the bedrock of the culture of kindness at Nueva, informing how students, faculty, staff, and families in the community relate to each other and to the world around them.

With all teachers trained in SEL, best practices are embedded in classroom learning, outdoor activities, recess, after school, and on trips. SEL becomes an inseparable element of each community member’s way of being. Once in the classroom, students’ spirit of inquiry and thirst for knowledge are propelled as they find themselves in a safe environment where their passions are supported, their ideas welcomed, and their questions encouraged.

The skills of SEL are formally taught at every grade beginning in prekindergarten, with curriculum spiraling through topics and presented in age-appropriate forms as students progress from year to year. In shaping the curriculum, we think about the CASEL Core Competencies (self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social awareness) and also add prosocial culture, climate, and community skills, with a social justice lens. This learning about self, others, and the community gives students essential tools that enable them to:
• Develop the ability to self-regulate, managing their attention, focus, and learning.
• Take risks that enhance their growth, both personally and academically.
• Overcome setbacks, both big and small.
• Develop supportive relationships and embrace diversity.
• Collaborate successfully.

Position Description:

The PreK–12 SEL coordinator is the face of one of our seminal programs. Nueva is more than 50 years old, but as we are just in our second year as a PreK–12 school, this position is a new one. We seek a dynamic coordinator with deep background knowledge in psychology and child development to inaugurate this key role. This educator must be familiar with the developmental stages of childhood and adolescence and have knowledge of the particular needs of gifted learners. Working closely with the division heads and our wellness team, this coordinator will lead the PreK–12 integration of our SEL/SoM scope and sequence, strengthening the foundations of the 50-year-old program with the strengthening the foundations of the 50-year-old program with the latest research from neuroscience, psychology, education, and other fields.

We seek an educator who has passion for creating positive culture and climate, who is eager to simultaneously lead program development and stay connected to the students through teaching. This coordinator will be involved in the broader life of the school — for example, by teaming with the Dean of Students and Academic Dean on our 5–12 advisory program, helping build and maintain a robust SEL capacity in the advisory team. With division heads and partners, this coordinator will plan parent education, enhancing the home-school partnership. There will also be opportunities to coach teachers through ongoing professional development, the Innovative Teacher Project, and the New-to-Nueva teacher onboarding and training.

The heart of any student wellness role is in responsive work, attending to issues as they arise. Working with the team of more than five SEL teachers and four counselors, the coordinator will consult on these student needs, helping students and families integrate skills for greater social and emotional awareness across their lives.

Job Responsibilities:
• Integrate the SEL/SoM scope and sequence across PreK–12
• Work with the team of SEL teachers, counselors, and division heads to support the integration of SEL into the fabric of the school
• Collaborate with colleagues outside the wellness team to enrich the SEL components of their curriculum and instruction
• Teach weekly SEL classes
• Support faculty and staff with SEL-based professional development, for example through new teacher or associate teacher training, small weekly working groups, or whole-school PD in-service days
• Collaborate effectively with students, teachers, and parents
• Model flexibility in implementing best learning practices
• Support the well-being of all students through responsive work outside the classroom
• Lead by example in the commitment to Nueva's mission to serve the needs of gifted learners
• Design and lead parent and teacher educational workshops

Position Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s and master’s degree required (PhD in psychology or related field preferred)
• Minimum of 3–5 years of experience in the field of education
• Demonstrated mastery in area of study; interest and experience across academic disciplines
• Excellent communication skills
• Demonstrated understanding of child development with an emphasis on gifted learners
• A desire to integrate SEL/SoM curriculum with other subjects

To apply, please visit http://nuevaschool.applytojob.com/apply/0BQChD7dj2/PK12-Social-Emotional-Learning-Coordinator-201819?source=CAIS and submit a cover letter, résumé, and contact information for at least three professional references.

Liza Raynal
[email protected]

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