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January 10, 2019
Middle School Director
San Diego French-American School, located in La Jolla, California, is seeking qualified bilingual French-English candidates for the position of Middle School Director, beginning August 2019. The Middle School comprises approximately 85 students in Grades 6-8. A talented faculty of 10 teachers guide students through a challenging bilingual curriculum geared toward educating the whole child, including extracurricular, artistic, and athletic offerings. The Middle School Director reports to the Head of school. Salary and benefits are commensurate with experience.

Teaching Responsibilities:
•The Middle School Director (MSD) is expected to teach one-full year course, elective or extended studies seminar.

School Responsibilities:
• The Middle School Director (MSD) will meet regularly with the head of school to keep him abreast of all relevant student, faculty and parent concerns within his or her division.
• The MSD will consult with the head of school regarding the hiring needs within his/her division to determine a concept encompassing the needs of the division.
• The MSD will meet with the head of school on a regular basis to develop, monitor and revise the academic program and goals of the school. Regular meetings with the other directors (elementary and pre-elementary) are also necessary to plan all-school events and to create an all-school culture aligned with the all-school plan (projet d’établissement).
• The MSD will coordinate with the head of school and the other division directors regarding the professional development opportunities within the school as well as opportunities outside of school, the management of faculty and staff issues, and faculty evaluation.
• The MSD will serve on various committees such as School Council, Professional Development, Social & Emotional Learning, Student-Centered Teaching & Learning, Service Learning, Diversity & Inclusion, etc.
• The MSD will approach the work with a one-school, collaborative perspective, seeking to communicate effectively and proactively with all constituencies regarding divisional activities that may affect the community at large.
• The MSD will work collaboratively and proactively with members of the administration, the DFO, the head of school, room-parents, the parents association, and other members of the school community to serve the mission and goals of the school.
• To perform other duties as assigned by the head of school.
Divisional Responsibilities:
• The MSD is responsible for the daily operations of the division and the development and
implementation of the academic, extracurricular and athletic programs within the framework of the school’s mission statement, goals and all-school plan (projet d’établissement).
• The MSD will develop a vision and identity for the Middle School which is appropriate and fits into the sequence of the broader PK-8 community.
• The MSD works with the head of school for the hiring process within his or her division. He/she will meet with the head of school regarding concept development of new positions. He/she will coordinate with the head of school regarding the search process. The MSD will propose final candidates to the head of school who will make the final decision.
• The MSD prepares a master school class schedule and assigns teachers and students to
classes and other obligations.
• The MSD provides for the academic guidance of students, maintains complete academic records on all students, oversees the grading and the reporting of standards and methods used by teachers in measuring student achievement.
• The MSD promotes an orderly, controlled environment in which learning can take place, a school climate which is supportive and reflects high morale.
• The MSD is responsible for the supervision and evaluation of faculty within his or her division.
• The Division Head will meet regularly with the department coordinators regarding the curriculum.
• The MSD will meet regularly with the faculty and will create meaningful, productive agendas which further the needs of the school and the professional needs of its teachers.
• The MSD will develop positive relationships with students, faculty, parents and the administration, which includes having a working knowledge of every student’s academic and extracurricular program and social and emotional health, fostering partnership with parents, and developing collegiality among faculty.
• The MSD strives for unity, harmony, and cooperation through tact, helpfulness, respect, and a
recognition of individual differences and the special abilities and strengths of each teacher.
• The MSD will be responsible for the handling of all major disciplinary matters involving students.
• The MSD is responsible for divisional budgeting.
• The MSD is responsible for the oversight of the maintenance and use of his/her division’s
• The MSD is a visible presence in all areas of the school, works toward a resolution of all problems - both routine and unique - as they arise, and keeps the head of school informed of the general programs, activities, and problems of the school.

• The MSD is responsible for ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of the MS, including search for substitutes to replace teachers on sick leave or personal leave.

• A minimum of a Master’s degree is required.
• Excellent mastery of both French and English. Excellent knowledge of the French Ministry of
Education programs to ensure continuity in the accreditation with the French authorities.
• Experience and excellent understanding of a bilingual educational setting.
• Demonstrated administrative experience;
• Significant experience with and knowledge of Middle School students, their developmental needs, and Middle School curriculum;
• Demonstrated experience as an academic leader; ability to demonstrate problem solving and
strong leadership skills that match the culture and expectations of the school.
• Flexibility, imagination, and outstanding communication skills.

Salary and benefits:
Salary range, commensurate with qualification and experience: $75,000 - $85,000 / year.
Same benefits as other employees: full medical and dental coverage; 403B matching after two years of employment; $2,500 installation package (upon provision of moving related receipts) if out of state; $1,000 if in state.

To apply for the position:
Please assemble the following candidacy documents, submitted as a SINGLE PDF DOCUMENT:
• one-to-two-page letter of interest, English and French version
• one-page curriculum vitae, English and French version
• one-page personal statement (philosophy of education), English and French version
• diplomas (translations not necessary)
• a contact list of at least 3 references, including at least one current supervisor (names, current/former positions as relevant, email addresses, phone numbers)

Candidacy documents may be submitted electronically to “Mark Rosenblum, Head of School & MS Search Committee” at [email protected] with a CC: to [email protected]

Recruitment process:
•Mid-January to Mid-February: screening of applications
•Mid-February to Mid-March: Video interviews by Skype or Zoom for selected candidates
•Mid-March to Mid-April: Final interviews of short-listed candidates either by video interview or by site visit (depending on locations of candidates); reference checks for finalist(s); final salary negotiation; final recruitment of the candidate selected by the search committee (signature of contract). Start date August 1st, 2019.
Mark Rosenblum
[email protected]

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