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January 14, 2019
Tinkering School Summer Camp Collaborator/Maker/Listener/Explorer
Tinkering School Summer Camp at Mark Day School is looking for a camp collaborator/maker/
listener/explorer to join us as a counselor (We call them Collaborators-as we collaborate in building and fun) June 17-July 28.

Our Collaborators are people who are as comfortable with a chop saw as they are with cleaning skinned knees. As handy with a hot glue gun as they are with
navigating the social emotional needs of six-year-olds. As deft with developmental, social and play-based needs of a ten-year-old as they are with an impact driver or sewing needle. Our Counselors can curate and shape an environment that tilts us all
towards engagement, but follows a child’s lead as they explore that environment. We are willing to go into that uncomfortable place where learning
happens with the children, not just pushing or pulling from the comfortable, known world at the finish line.

We are looking for candidates with experience in open-ended learning environments and the challenges they present. Kids across ages hang out all day and during every activity. Ideally you can hold space for a five-year-old’s unbelievably fascinating
tangential story and talk to an eleven-year-old with the adult tone they crave and deserve. We can teach you how to use tools and you can learn to build alongside the kids, but it is essential that you firmly believe children are already whole people with important things to say. Are you ready to admit you don't know what to do, then ask questions and do what a seven year old suggests? Does the mystery of a project soon-to-be designed by kids excite you?

We are as eager to talk to bombastic college students as we are to talk to educators with 35 years of experience. We are as eager to talk to master storytellers that can handle a crowd as we are to talk to quiet listeners that will take the time to hear the
tiniest voice of the shyest camper. We seek to create a well-rounded group full of adults that children of all inclinations can relate to, build relationships with, and trust. What really matters is a focus on the kids.

Apply to join our team by emailing [email protected] with your
resume, a cover letter, and samples (photos are fine) of some cool project you’ve worked on. Applications accepted on a rolling basis (sooner is better) Submit
your application in PDF format only, please.
David St. Martin
[email protected]

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